Cockroach Control Bangalore, Karnataka

main cockroach life cycle

Cockroaches thrive in unsavory conditions and are experts when it comes to survival. They are common household pests and are mainly found in kitchens, when neglected they breed fastly and spread diseases and infections. Cockroaches droppings contaminate food products and water causing threat to lives. Cockroaches enter through drainage holes, cracks in the walls and openings in the doorways. They cause diseases like gastroenteritis, dysentery, other stomach ailments and allergies. It is necessary for the cockroach infestation to be dealt with effectively right at the beginning itself.

Signs of cockroaches presence :

  • Bad odour
  • Cockroaches seen during the day
  • Cockroach faeces
  • Dead cockroaches
  • Sight of oval-shaped egg cases
  • Cast skins

Click India pest control offers effective cockroach control services for both residential and commercial buildings. Our professionals inspect your place, check for the level of infestation, find the possible ways of entries, eliminate the hiding pathways and help you to get rid of the cockroaches completely. Spray treatment and Gel treatment are the most commonly used methods. Gel will be applied in cabinets, under tables, drawers and similar spaces according to client requirement. Odourless spray will be sprayed on windows, balconies, bathrooms etc.The solution offered has a long lasting effect, odorless, hassle free and completely safe.