Beehive Removal services Bangalore, Karnataka

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Beehive Removal services Bangalore, Karnataka Bees are great eco friendly pollinators but they are capable of damaging your walls, ceilings due to seepage and stained insulation. Their sting is very painful and can cause allergic reactions in people. Extracting honey bees from buildings is considered more difficult than collecting swarm clusters. A well established colony will have further issues associated with killing them. Usage of chemical pesticides needs careful application. If pesticides were used to kill the bees, then the honey, wax and dead bees are contaminated and must be handled as hazardous waste. Click India pest control offers beehive removal services in Bangalore, Karnataka. We make use of the latest vacuum technology, inspection methods, safety equipment to permanently remove the hives. Our professionals inspect your home or office premises to know the level of infestation. After proper analysis we tailor custom solutions based on our clients requirement. We use advanced tools and techniques including veil suits, gloves, smoker, frame lifter, holder, grip tool, scraper, and bee vacuum. We efficiently remove honeycombs that are located at any height on walls, ceilings, trees, backyards, lawns etc.