Bedbugs Control Services Bangalore

Don’t continue to sleep in bed with bed bugs. Bed Bugs are too small in size hence it is hard to find them with naked eyes and they reproduce quickly. Bed Bugs suck your blood and feed themselves and can cause skin infections. Bed bugs could be just found anywhere: bed, furniture, in between the books etc.

  • Blood stains on the bed sheets, clothes and pillows
  • Feces of bed bugs on the mattress or bed sheets
  • A foul odour
  • Small, sesame seed-sized critters hiding in the fabric of your clothes or bed sheets

Click India Pest control offers bedbugs removal services. We are trained to handle severe infestation. Our professionals inspect your place and provide solutions based on the level of infestation. We use only government approved chemicals for treatment and make sure that the products used are safe for children and pets. We will thoroughly spray and almost drench the beds and bed sheets to kill all hidden bed bugs. We will spray the wardrobe, walls and wherever the infestation is found. We make as many as visits until the problem is resolved and provide the client with preventive measures to avoid future infestations.