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Pest Control
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Click India Pest Control
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Pest Control
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Our Process

Click India Pest Control aims to set new standards for customer service having operations in entire Bangalore.

About Click India

Click India Pest Control was formed in 2019 as a Sole venture.Click India Pest Control is pest control service provider in Karnataka at present and soon to diversify into other states in India.

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Mission Statement

As a reliable home service expert, we always give priority to customer’s safety and strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our mission is to give one-stop solution for your home service, lifestyle, local service needs, and for a healthy environment.

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Click India Pest Control thrives and believes that we must have a healthy working environment as well as a Healthy Living Environment – PEST FREE and 99.99% clean.

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Our Services

Modern times pest control has become the need of the hour. Pests are not only a nuisance that sends a repulsive shiver when we spot them but also are major threats to our health. They also destroy our property. Public health has been endangered many times due to pests such as Mosquitoes, Flies, Rodents, etc.

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  • Sanitization


    Our unique pest control services will disinfect your home or workplace from dangerous viruses and microscopic bacteria. Our specialist teams
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    • Sanitization
  • Mosquito control

    Mosquito control

    Now protect your family with mosquito bites which cause diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya, Zika & Yellow Fever, and So on
    Read More
    • Pest Control
  • Bed bug control

    Bed bug control

    There are some pests that flourish around human belongings like the bed and that why they are called Bedbugs. These
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    • Sanitization
  • Cockroach control

    Cockroach control

    Our effective and reliable cockroaches control solutions eliminate the presence of cockroaches from your house, offices, hotels, hospitals, Etc. We
    Read More
    • Pest Control
  • Termite control

    Termite control

    Our dependably flawless enemy of termite treatment administrations focuses at killing the development of the termites with the goal that
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    • Pest Control
  • Ant Treatment

    Ant Treatment

    Our Pest Control Plan will shut down ants and other pests, and our advanced solutions adapt with seasonal pest activity
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    • Pest Control
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Our Client

We have a strong database of satisfied customers. Be it a corporate sector or a residential apartments, we are catering with best in industry services

  • Click India pest control has a best team, and their services have been effective to disinfect our offices across the state. On time service is their USP.
    Ramana Jain CEO
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How would I know if there is pest infestation at my place?

There are certain pests that you can easily find like cockroaches, lizards, rats etc. But there are other pests like termites and bed bugs which can’t be identified easily but with the help of symptoms you can figure out their presence. When there is a doubt it is always recommended to inspect and get a qualified pest control agency’s assistance at the beginning to avoid severe infestations.

For people who suffer from asthma, is it safe for them to stay during the service?

Pesticides can also trigger asthma attacks in those who already suffer from the disease. Pest allergens - their skin and droppings are known to trigger asthma attacks. In such cases, it would be better if they are not present during the services. During the process, we may carry out flushing pests and destroying them.

Is it safe to touch areas that have been sprayed?

Treated surface should not be touched until dry. In case of accidental touching, wash the exposed skin with soap and water. The pesticides we use are safe and diluted to maximum so that no ill effects are caused. Our service technicians will explain “Do’s and Don’ts” and we always advise our customers to listen and follow them carefully.

Do I need to empty my kitchen cupboards during cockroach control treatment?

Under most normal conditions, you do not need to empty kitchen cupboards as we do only targeted gel baiting. But sometimes when the kitchen is heavily infested there is a need for extensive flush out treatment. In such cases you may have to vacate cupboards, remove all food items and utensils before spray treatment.

Will the gel that is applied inside the cupboards for treatment contaminate food items?

No, the gel is applied only to areas where insects congregate or harbour, like cracks, crevices or hinges.

Are my pets safe from the pesticides used for treatment?

It is recommended for both people and pets to avoid contact with treated surfaces until dry. This is the minimum standard for all products.

Do I need to clean my place after the treatment?

No, in case of general pest management, there is no need to clean after the treatment. If needed our professional will inform you.

bee hive removal service 500x500

Beehive Removal services Bangalore, Karnataka Bees are great eco friendly pollinators but they are capable of damaging your walls, ceilings due to seepage and stained insulation. Their sting is very painful and can cause allergic reactions in people. Extracting honey bees from buildings is considered more difficult than collecting swarm clusters. A well established colony will have further issues associated with killing them. Usage of chemical pesticides needs careful application. If pesticides were used to kill the bees, then the honey, wax and dead bees are contaminated and must be handled as hazardous waste. Click India pest control offers beehive removal services in Bangalore, Karnataka. We make use of the latest vacuum technology, inspection methods, safety equipment to permanently remove the hives. Our professionals inspect your home or office premises to know the level of infestation. After proper analysis we tailor custom solutions based on our clients requirement. We use advanced tools and techniques including veil suits, gloves, smoker, frame lifter, holder, grip tool, scraper, and bee vacuum. We efficiently remove honeycombs that are located at any height on walls, ceilings, trees, backyards, lawns etc.

main cockroach life cycle

Cockroaches thrive in unsavory conditions and are experts when it comes to survival. They are common household pests and are mainly found in kitchens, when neglected they breed fastly and spread diseases and infections. Cockroaches droppings contaminate food products and water causing threat to lives. Cockroaches enter through drainage holes, cracks in the walls and openings in the doorways. They cause diseases like gastroenteritis, dysentery, other stomach ailments and allergies. It is necessary for the cockroach infestation to be dealt with effectively right at the beginning itself.

Signs of cockroaches presence :

  • Bad odour
  • Cockroaches seen during the day
  • Cockroach faeces
  • Dead cockroaches
  • Sight of oval-shaped egg cases
  • Cast skins

Click India pest control offers effective cockroach control services for both residential and commercial buildings. Our professionals inspect your place, check for the level of infestation, find the possible ways of entries, eliminate the hiding pathways and help you to get rid of the cockroaches completely. Spray treatment and Gel treatment are the most commonly used methods. Gel will be applied in cabinets, under tables, drawers and similar spaces according to client requirement. Odourless spray will be sprayed on windows, balconies, bathrooms etc.The solution offered has a long lasting effect, odorless, hassle free and completely safe.

Commercial Pest Control Services Bangalore, Karnataka Provide a healthy and safe work environment for your employees, partners and clients by keeping your premises pest free. Reputation of the business plays a major role in its growth. Pests can damage your brand’s image. They also affect the functioning of the enterprise by damaging the electrical wires, important files, documents etc. Click India pest control is committed to supporting business with effective pest management treatments. We are highly known for our reliability, compliance and quality of service. We offer effective commercial pest control solutions at an affordable price. Sectors served :
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Retail shops
  • Malls
  • Property management
  • Schools and universities
  • Storage services and warehouses
  • Industrial
  • Food and Beverage processing
  • Healthcare and Hospital Pest control
Click India pest control offers Annual maintenance pest control services. We will inspect your property and provide cost efficient plans based on your requirements.

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